100x50x25 mm

The timebase of the PRH700 is provided by the integrated GPS receiver and antenna. Sunrise- and sunset data, coming from the official Meterorological Institute of the country of destination, is stored in the memory. With this data stored, it is possible to automatically switch an output of the PRH700 to day- or night mode. Or switch for example 30 minutes earlier, or later.

The integrated GPS receiver detects if the vehicle is moving or standing still. Based on this information, it is possible to make the PRH700 switch at a predetermined speed.

6 LED lights indicate the following functions:

  1. movement of the vehicle
  2. day-mode
  3. night-mode
  4. summer/winter time
  5. time puls (GPS receiver active)

Should the GPS signal not be received for a longer period of time, the time continues normally, fed by internal rechargeable batteries.

Voltage: 12 V or 24V (to be specified when ordering)