At Promak we are not an engineering company. Our key skills, based on 30 years in the industry, are in “Providing Solutions” either through advice and short term guidance or by bringing together the technical skills, manufactures and suppliers of products in synergy to complete our task and to assure a professional development of a product or service for you.

Founded by Hans Kret after 35+ years experience in Sales, Marketing and Channel management, Promak came into being to provide solutions to many of the issues he had come across. The increasing globalisation of manufacturing and the ever increasing use of outsourced finished goods has led to many voids in the supply chain between what the customer wants, what is technially available, what can be sourced and from where and how it is all integrated within national and international automotive regulations.

At Promak we offer the following 2 services:

1) Project Management on consultancy basis
2) Supplies of products, which are currently mainly focussed at the Emergency Services markets (Police – Fire – Ambulance).
See our products section for details.

General Terms and Conditions apply. Details can be downloaded.